Friday, May 23, 2014

Detox, New Friends, & Hope

Hey there Opiate Trap friends! Please check out my other blog @

I have been working hard on my Suboxone stopping and hope it reaches someone who might be in the same spot as me.

Thanks for every one's support, emails, messages, comments and for subscribing! It means more than you know. Both the encouragement and those of you trying to reclaim your lives.

I read so much on addiction and recovery and off the top of my head I come across maybe 25% that actually properly depict what it means to be an addict. Knowledge from scientific facts are great, but behind all those facts and statistics are real life hurting humans. We all have a story and we all deserve a chance! I love seeing the bond forming online between addicts helping addicts, family of addicts, and professionals!

We can't save everyone, but we can help someone!  One life doesn't seem like much, except when it's our own.

Also, any advice on how to merge the 2 blogs would be great! I do not want to lose any of my content or any of my new friends when I merge.




  1. I started following both blogs :) Cant wait to read more of it. Im on methadone and was tapering off when I got pregnant so now Im up again because withdrawals kicked in when my metabolism went up and all that extra blood I was producing for the baby made me go through my meth faster than usual. So till got to wait to start going to down again which I'm not to pleased about since I've already been on meth... wow... well almost 8 years. I didn't realize it had been that long boy doesn't time just fly by :(

  2. CC~I am so pleased that u decidied to comment an to follow. I had started reading some of your posts about 6 months ago as well. Stay in touch and good luck w the Methadone!

  3. I have such insight into my daughter through your blog. It makes me want to stand by her in those moments that feel hopeless and I just want to walk away. Thank you