Do Have a Blog to Share??

I have searched high and low for other blogs about addiction and recovery. I especially would like personal experiences from addicts or their family and friends. 

I have only found about 11 total.

Please share your blog, story, or personal site on this page. 

Feel free to share articles and links that may be helpful to addicts and their loved ones.



  1. I just found this area to share with you while playing around and learning how my G+ works. Maybe you already read my latest post about my rapid detox procedure. If so just disregard this :) I hope you are still keeping your head up and moving forward to a happier life. It may seem out of reach sometimes but I assure you, it will come in time. Good luck.

  2. Thank you! No, I haven't read it yet. In fact...I laid off my own posts for a few days because I started to allow the mean part of my brain to tell me some things about myself...if you know what I mean. I appreciate you leaving your blog. I will read it over the weekend. Feel free to comment/share on mine as well.
    Take it easy. ~J

  3. I have enjoyed reading your posts here and on your other blog! Way to go for journaling your detox! we are on methadone right now and just started a blog ourselves, if you are interested it is
    Keep up the good blogging! Hope to talk again!

  4. I'd love to check it out. Thx for reading on here. I am definitely at a low point in my recovery. It's amazing the extremes of feeling like we are doing great and then feeling at the bottom of the barrel. I am going to try to subscribe to you. Plz subscribe back if you'd like, and maybe we will find some similarities in the Sub vs. Methadone detox. ~J'Elle

  5. Here you go friend <3<3